Commercial Packing and Crating

Wooden Shipping Crates, Storage Crates & Reusable Wood Crates

Pioneer Movers custom designs and builds high quality wooden crates, protecting your product for one-time moves or repeated use. We crate and move industrial or commercial equipment, sensitive equipment, large displays, very heavy, large or challenging items, and much more. We prepare items and design & build custom wooden crates for moving locally, nationally or internationally, by land, ocean or air. We use heat-treated lumber and our crates meet or exceed ASTM and industry

Shrink Wrap and Shrink Film for Shipment and Storage Protection

Shrink wrap services to protect your cargo for shipment or storage.  Shrink wrap is a polyethylene plastic that is formulated to shrink when heat is applied. Shrink wrap plastic, when heated, shrinks tightly to whatever it is wrapped around or secured to, providing a barrier to some moisture and debris.


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