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Getting started with Pioneer Movers

The first step is to get in touch with Pioneer Movers.

To do this you can call us for a free, no obligation survey.
Alternatively, if you are simply looking for an initial budget, please click on Free Quote and enter the details that apply to your move. We will then send you a preliminary quotation.

  • Call our customer service department at 1 800 88 MOVE or 03 6250 5261
  • Complete our on-line free moving quote
  • Email our sales department

If you have any questions about any aspect of preparing for your move – please call us as many times as you wish for some no obligation advice.

Pre-move survey

We assess your local move with a pre-move survey. This home visit, by mutual appointment, is completely free and without obligation. One of our experienced sales executives will inspect the goods to be moved, identify your needs and discuss your requirements. From this we will offer our recommended move plan, timetable and quotation.


Our quotation will include a specification of the recommended work and services to be performed, and important information about packing and preparation timing, accurate transit-time, as well as destination delivery and customs guidance information.

If you live in an apartment building, it is very important to confirm your move date with your building management and to reserve your elevator. In addition, many apartment buildings require that movers supply them with a deposit and register their vehicles and staff with the building management office. So be sure to speak with your relocation consultant so that we can prepare the necessary in advance.


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