Professional Packing Team

The success of any international move depends greatly on the skilful packing, planning during the moving day(s) and organization of our packing team; these are the people that will spend most time in your home.

Our packing teams have been trained in modern export wrapping, packing and handling techniques and will pack, load and secure your belongings with extreme care.

On your move day, your packing team will have a designated team leader who will oversee the relocation logistics during the move. Your Move Coordinator will also be available to ensure you are satisfied with the quality of service.

High quality packing materials

Pioneer Movers uses the highest quality packing materials to protect your household goods from damage during the transportation process.

Your precious ornaments, china, glassware, works of art, as well as books and personal effects, are packed with meticulous care and best quality inner-packing materials into suitable cardboard cartons. Clothes are packed into special wardrobe boxes, suitable for both folded clothes and linen from drawers, whilst suits, dresses and hanging garments can be packed into specially-made hanging cartons, direct from your wardrobe.

All items will be labeled and inventoried before they leave your house. At origin and destination, our moving teams use a range of specialist materials to protect floors, staircases, and other vulnerable areas of your home

Fine arts and antiques packing

The transport of priceless items demands the highest level of expertise and care. Our service is tailored to meet the specific requirement of each and every fine art and antique customer. Speak to your surveyor during the pre-survey move to discuss any items that require special attention.


Large items which require more protection during transit can be protected by made to measure wooden crates. The item is measured and a specialist crate maker will build a crate to fit.  The item will then be wrapped with suitable packing materials and then crated and secured prior to loading.


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